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On Site Activities

The site offers the following on site activities and amenities

Camp Providore

The Camp Providore is located at the left end of the farmhouse. It stocks a wide range of sweets, minerals, souvenirs, miscellaneous camping items and other rarely used knick-knacks


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A Payphone is situated in the centre of The Rover Den and is marked accordingly on the door. The phone is only equipped for the making of outgoing calls and has the same facilities as most public payphones found elsewhere.

Camp Chapel

St George's Camp Chapel was officially opened and dedicated in 1966 by Reverend Craven of Buxton. Situated behind The Cottage, it is unique in that it is an open air chapel and is ideal for all types of services.

Orienteering Course

Orienteering courses of varying difficulties are set out within the Camping ground boundaries. Originally mapped out by Business and Leisure students from Buxton's High Peak College, the orienteering course is ideal for passing a couple of hours away whilst learning practical skills.

Pioneering Poles

We have a selection of pioneering poles available. If you wish to use them please let a member of the camp staff know where you will be using them and an idea of how long for, in case other groups request their use. Ropes are not provided with the poles.


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