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The Camping grounds

The camping grounds are split into 17 sites, in 5 distinct locations across the site. Sites 1 to 3 occupy a strip of flat ground beside the river Dane. They offer the space for a troop camp, or combined for something bigger.back to basics camping at the Gradbach Scout Camp

Site 4 is located within a small fir plantation, with a flat platform surrounded by more sloping ground offering access to the access road. This would suit a smaller troop camp.

Site 5 is the training ground. Steeply sloped and partially wooded, this site is ideal for bivouacking, and the more adventurous.

Sites 6 to 9 occupy the top field. The ground slopes up through site 6 and 7, to a much flatter areas around the top site flagpole on sites 8 and 9. Adjoining these sites are the lower sites in the top field, sites 10 to 16. These sites have flat areas, but are by and large gently sloping. These sites are closer to the access road and the top site car parking area.

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Site 17 is located behind the camp HQ area, and is easily accessed from the main site car park. This site is again big enough for a large troop camp, with the ground gently sloping from the main car park down to the site access road.

As a whole, the camping grounds are ideally suited to various styles of camping, from lightweight backpackers and survival skills to full scale large troop camps.

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Water: The water supply is accessible to almost all the sites, with the exception of those at the highest level where the water pressure is not adequate, and provides purified drinking water.

Fires: Unlike many sites nowadays we are happy for you to cook on fires on the ground, so long as care for the camping fields is observed. We ask that you dig fire pits around the edges of the camping fields, look after any turf removed, line the fire pit with stones to protect the surrounding grass and water the replaced turf well before you leave.

If it's a campfire you are after then feel free to use the campfire circle between site 6 and 7.

Campfire at gradbach campsite

Toilets: There is a single toilet and wash area provided at the end of the 'Rover Den' building, but more substantial toilet facilities you would need to sort out for yourselves. The site is happy to let you dig pits for the disposal of waste and for the use of latrines, or you can dispose of your waste in the chemical disposal point behind the farmhouse.


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